Accessorize your bathroom

August 20, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Bathroom & Fixtures, Home Care, Home Decor, Home Improvement

You have done your bathroom and added a corner shower stall. Now is time to accessorize your bathroom. You first have to choose a welcome bath rug. Choose it in a material that absorbs water well.

Soap dispensers and tumbler holders add up the accessory section. Get angular cokes for your countertops and lace it with frills or quartz pieces on top. Go for beige or chrome shower and drains. Choose a water-resistant sewage cover with good coloring.

Towel holders and cloth holders may be placed in a cabinet or at a height. Just ensure that these don’t take a bath along with you. You can add a few wall hooks for additional holdings. Shower channels pep up your bathroom look.

Have a tissue box just as well. Choose materials in steel or virgin plastic for least corrosion. You can also invest in bath salts. Keep your bathroom well-fragrant and airy.

Get yourselves waterbeds for winter

August 17, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Home Care, Home Improvement

Waterbeds are excellent choices for winter as they allow you inherent heat. You may choose between soft-sided and hard-sided beds according to your specifications. If you are suffering from backaches or are prone to it, choose the hard-sided ones.

These contain water and are created of polyvinyl chloride. The whole structure is encased either in plywood or foam. These are aptly called floatation mattresses. Water within is heated to meet the cold and its temperature can be regulated through electricity.

You also get pocketed flannels to serve as footrests. These are typically cozy and bouncy. You can go for added feldspar webbing or padding. Water movement is controlled by fiber-batting. Still, it is best that you choose these beds for seniors only.

Check regularly whether waterbeds are leaking. Also be prepared for some additional cost on water heating. These beds otherwise have a habit of adjusting to the sleepers’ lather than other way round.

Plumbing regulations

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Plumbing is a professional business and not easy to acquire as a vocation. You need to be aware of its patent points. You have to work according to the regulations imposed such as technical and safety.

You have first to get aware of the structure of the house, and wherein the plumbing and venting will be done. Then, you have to plan where the holes will be ripped to allow passage of pipelines. This should not weaken the whole structure not make it look awkward.

You will have to be good at cutting pipes, threading and riveting them. Proper measurement at every space is required. You also have to meet security standard. They should not lead to damaged sewage, inherent leaks and fire due to water problems.

Pipes have to be tested for leaking to meet regulations. UPC is considered the best variety as it is weather resistant and regulation-friendly too.

Fuel gas piping

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Fuel gas piping methods have been around for years. It is done in metals like aluminum or in fiberglass and redwood. The latter has been found to be perfect for this cause as it is naturally resistant to weather, leaking and fungus.

This method needs installment of a mixing drum and super-heaters. You may have liberation of harmful C4 gases that needs proper evacuation through ducts. Your temperature will be maintained at room environ.

Just ensure that the emerging gases and liquids don’t slug off. You may or may not pocket the system considering the space you place your fuel gas piping. Just ensure that your cooking fuel gets vaporized properly and doesn’t result in combustion.

Also make sure that it is kept properly distant from living areas. Velocity of the gas through these pipes should be manned regularly. Any trickle or deposits should be carefully frisked out from these pipes.

How to conjure a meditating room?

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If you have lately taken up Yoga, you need space to practice it. Although your garden is the best place for yoga flow, you can conjure a meditating room for the purpose as well.

Allow plenty of natural light in the meditating room. Make sure it opens up at the east for best sun reflections. Add windmill fans on the outside to naturally run under strong breezes. Keep it separated in sections of heat and cold.

For colors and light, go for white or nude colors and pretty dim light. You may place your God’s image to lay you easily to meditating pose. Create it away from general movement of your house. In general, terrace garden may be manipulated into your meditating room.

Keep it laced with elements of fire and water to bring positive energy. A subtle fireplace and a little pool will do it for you. Just keep it calm and collected to gain maximum composure.