Versatility in a Faux Wood Finish

November 14, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Home Care, Home Decor, Home Improvement

The word faux has arrived from the French word Faux which means fake or false in English. Faux technique of painting the interior walls is becoming one of the most desired styles of interior painting techniques and more and more people are getting interested in decorating their walls using this unique technique of painting.

Faux painting has got several finishes like marble, silk, wood, stone and other textures that are being imitated from the real life objects.One of the most versatile, unique and sophisticated finishes is the wood finish to the faux painting. The wooden finish gives your wall a glossy and sophisticated or an old look to your walls that may reflect your style and ambience.

Wood paintings are mainly done using tissue papers, and raging, rolling, washing, and using sponge painting techniques. All these techniques generally give the wood finish, a variety of looks along with the personal and unique touch of the professional faux style painter.

Masonry Management: Repairing Brick and Stonework

November 09, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Home Care, Home Improvement, Reparis & Renovation

One of the main aspects that must be considered about the masonry management is that the work needs huge managerial skills and thus must be tackled with utmost care and perseverance. The main job that a mason performs is to constructs walls, buildings, structures using bricks and stone materials.

It must be remembered that the masons are not only workers but are creative people as well. It lends their creativity in the work that they do. They are not just mere labors who indulge in physical works. The work of a mason involves the planning and designing of a structure. So a mason has to take care of the aspect of proper construction and at the time will have to make sure the whole things shapes up really well.

It must be said that construction work does not last long. It will get damaged some time in future. But the quality of the work entirely depends on the individual mason and hence you have to make sure that you hire the right person for the right job.

What you Need to Know about Seattle Home Painters

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Painting your very own hone is one of the loveliest and fun jobs to do. It has got several advantages such as it saves money which you might have wasted in hiring professional painters. Painting your own home all by yourself is also one of the best pastimes. Along with all this, your house gets a new looks and is certainly appreciated by everybody.

With so many advantages, house painting is a must for any individual who own their own house.But, the problem lies in the fact that not every one has the perfect idea of painting a house and hence, they often fail to decorate and paint their house in an orderly and systematic fashion. The painting often does not look attractive and the house owners gets pissed off for all their labor goes in vain.

Here lies the need of hiring professional Seattle home painters who have the perfect knowledge experience and some of the most innovative and brilliant ideas for painting the house that will be successful in winning your neighbor’s appraisal easily!

LED Lighting is the (Light) Wave of the Future

November 01, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Home Care, Home Improvement, Lights & Fixtures

LED lighting or Light Emitting Diode is not a new phenomenon in any way and has been in vogue for quite a few years at a stretch. And these are mostly applied in niche applications akin to small trinkets along with indicator lighting. In accordance with scores of studies, application of LED lighting involves a lot of benefits in one go apart from other notable aspects. All these are definite to make Light Emitting Diode wave of the future, opine a few schools of thoughts. There is another prediction that LED lighting would reach further than electronic applications into commercial and home lighting in addition.

Let’s focus on benefits of Light Emitting Diode lighting. It includes lighting include automobile taillights and interior lights, flashlights and key chains, and LED-based projection televisions. LED lighting is used in military increasingly. The sole reason is LED flashlights capable to work with UV-LED canteen water treatment devices and dark-vision glasses.