Change room appearance with wallpapers

April 21, 2011  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Home Care, Home Decor, Home Design, Home Improvement

Wallpapers are the unique ways for any person to express his own taste in terms of decorating or providing new look to the house. Even an ordinarily looking room can be changed into modern and appealing with the help of wallpapers. Several advantages are associated with the use of wallpapers like the cracks in the walls can be hidden with the help of wallpapers. Wallpapers with small prints on it can serve to be useful in making small room look large.

Color has gear impact on the mind of human beings and so the color of wallpapers must be like golden, brick colored or amber color. Light color always increase light in the room making it look bright and fresh. Even the maintenance of wallpapers is much easy; it can be easily done with a wet sponge. The wallpaper is wiped out with the sponge thereby retaining the life and color which is difficult to achieve with normal painted walls.

Basic of hanging pictures and wall art

April 13, 2011  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Home Care, Home Decor

Purchasing an art for your room is always a nice experience as it makes the room look more exciting and also adds personality to it. Here are some tips for hanging pictures and wall art with elegance and style.

a. You should draft an outline or should have an idea about the way in which you are going to arrange the arts on the wall. The correct alignment can make it beautiful.

b. The picture should be placed at such a focal point in the room from where it gets maximum attention.

c. Make sure the nails are properly and securely inserted in the walls.

d. An art work should be placed in the correct room where it suits the best.

e. The lighting around the picture should be fair enough to reflect its beauty.

So, keeping the above and a few other basic tips in mind, you can place the wall art in a way that brings beauty and liveliness in your room.

Tips for buying right furniture

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Normally people look out for the beauty of furniture while purchasing it as how it can improve their home décor. Purchasing of stunning furniture does not complete the work; the furniture must be suiting the living area. The availability of space is the first thing to be considered while buying furniture. Getting furniture that gives extra storage space along with additional beauty is always a good option.

A bench available with a storage space is a nice example of adding extra seating space to your room. Likewise, for the living rooms you can store televisions manual, remote and DVD’s etc. and for bedroom you can put clothes and other useful items. Also have a look onto your budget before purchasing costly furniture. Nowadays market is flooded with lots of cheap material furniture’s which have the same look and beauty as the expensive ones. They can be purchased in materials to match your current living style.

Tips for safe security and alarm system

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Safe security and alarm system has reduced the tension of people and they can happily move on leaving their home. People can either go for wired alarms of wireless alarms, both provides safety to your house. Some security alarm systems come with motion sensors as well so if any one attempts to unlock the door it can alert others.

While selecting any alarm system you should always check that it should emit a loud alarm and flash lights to alarm others. For more security you can also go for alarm monitoring systems as they are connected to a central station and alert the authorities as soon as the alarm is turned off. Before purchasing any security alarm system you should not neglect its efficiency and warranty. Wireless alarms also proves a better option when considering safe and secure alarm systems as the sensors run on batteries and can be installed anywhere so it hard for the burglars to identify the alarm and disconnect it.