Shabby chic made easy

May 31, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

Home decor ideas, home decorOne of the most comfortable and casual style of decorating is the shabby chic décor. This style of décor has been famous since the 1980’s and is still being used with great interest in different parts of the world. The main idea of this style of décor is to use the newest trends of home décor with the old styles and accessories. Mix up the old and new furniture and accessories and you have the shabby chic décor for your home.

This is the easiest style of décor for your home if you can do it right. For example, you can keep your old jewelries in some of the modern designer boxes; mixing the old and new. Use the vintage accessories and furniture to good use in this style. The curtains, windows, doors, rugs, carpets and every part of your home décor can be used with great affect to get this shabby chic look to your home.

Storage furnishings for your home

May 25, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Improvement

Storage furnishings, furnitureIn any home the storage space is always a bitter experience. And more so in the city homes that have less space on the whole. Thus it is very important for one to choose his/her storage furniture very carefully so as to provide for all the storage that they will need in the house. If chosen intelligently one can have the best of the spaces in the nooks and corners also.

One of the areas where storage is a major issue is the kitchen. There is always a dearth of space to keep the different utensils and other kitchen tools. Cabinets can be a great way to reduce this problem in the kitchen. These can provide one with ample space and also not destroy the look of the place. In the bathroom one can use towel hangers and dedicated soap drawers to make sure that toiletries occupy the least of the space.

Keep your marble tiles squeaky clean

May 18, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Care

Marble tiles maintenance, marble careThe home is the most beloved place for all of us and we decorate our home in the best possible way. We always try so that our room looks the most beautiful and attractive always. Thus while the construction of your house, you prefer marble for the flooring of your home. Marble flooring a wide appeal to the people and adds to the imperialistic look of your house. But then the marble floors should be kept clean properly. Otherwise the gloss and the shine of the floor will be gone. The marble floor is much vulnerable to any type of dirt. If proper care not clean and not cleaned instantly then the dirt may persist for a lifetime of the marble. Thus a very good and reputed floor cleaner should be used to clean the marble tiles. After cleaning, the tiles should be wiped with a dry cloth. Any sort of water on the tiles will leave a permanent mark on the tiles.

Planning for your French country style décor

May 12, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

Home decor in a French style, home decorA French country style décor could be very nice way to do up your house. There is a sense of class and sophistication in this décor. The style reeks of aesthetic taste and speaks highly of the dwellers. In order to get that style, you have to make sure that the right colors are chosen for the walls of your house. The colors that are most frequently seen in the country homes of France are buttery and pale shades of hold along with white.

This combination can be ideal for the kind of décor in discussion. Then you have to be careful while choosing the kind of curtains for the windows of your house. You can use curtains with fabrics of stripes or floral pattern as they go very nicely with the French sense of style. The linens of your house could be made of materials like toile, gingham or plaid.