5 fantastic tips to do up your living room wall

October 30, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

Living room decor, wall decorHome is a very vital part of any individual’s life. It is the mini representation of who resides in it. If you are thinking of doing up a wall in your living room then think of options that you and your family prefer and like. A single wall can decide the atmosphere of a room and its overall impact. You can chose to use beautiful wall murals to create a rejuvenating aura as per your liking. You can also use a good color scheme and accessories the wall with wall hangings, large wall clocks, shelves to display your favorites.

Drawing up family photographs on the living room wall can create quite a personal impact to the residents and the visitors to your residence. A good choice of oil paintings can make your job easier and elegant. If you wish to give your living room a look from the ancient times of the 11th century then covering the wall with designer tapestries can work wonders. This can display your preference towards culture.

Decorate like professionals with simple tips

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Home decor ideas, home decorAre you looking to revamp your house the professional way for the most appealing outlook? Well, that’s good but remember when you are into a professional approach you have to take everything in an organized way. Here are the needed tips.

First of all, determine the theme f your home. There would be differences in paint and furnishing options depending on your theme of décor. If you are planning for a Victorian feel for your huge house, go for warmer colors and heavy decoration. Count on intricately designed wooden furniture, great canopy beds, large velvet curtains and wrought iron candle stands for the walls.

If you prefer a modern look, count on a sleek feel. Go for lighter shades r the vibrant hues- you can even mix match the paint colors. Invest on space saving furniture like futon beds or sofa cum beds that acquire lesser floor space and presents you with a neat feel. Replace your curtains with modern blinds.

Do Up Your Living Room with Classy Oriental Rugs

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Living room rugs, rugsOne of the best ways to decorate one’s living room is by using carpets and rugs. Oriental rugs and carpets are a great choice and they never fail to bring about an instant and classy change to a room. The size and design of your oriental rug would depend upon the size of the room and your personal tastes. Make sure that you use good quality rugs. If you are planning to opt for hand woven rugs, then you must make sure that the furniture you have around in the room are not too heavy otherwise your carpet or rug can be damaged.

The thing about oriental rugs is that they are mostly hand woven and made with great detailing and care. If you buy ready made oriental rugs, make sure that you know how old they are so that proper care and maintenance can be done. Vacuum clean your rug under low power every alternate day and once in 3 to 4 months give the carpet for professional cleaning at rug cleaning stores as these oriental rugs need extra care and skills to be cleaned.

How to clean you granite kitchen counter tops

October 21, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Kitchen Care

Maintain counter tops, kitchen careGranite kitchen countertops can be a very strong and durable but they do need regular maintenance. When you are cleaning the granite kitchen counter tops, it is important that you make sure you are doing it in the right way. It has to be periodically polished and it should also be resealed so that it remains protected from the liquids and remains suitable for bathroom and kitchen use.

The need for re-polishing and re-sealing will be less in case of the granites of high quality. High quality granites will need a re-polishing just once a year. Water and soap will be enough for cleaning the granite. Get the soap diluted with water and then apply it on the granite with just a soft piece of cloth. The simple dishwashing soaps are perfect for this job. You should avoid those cleaners that ahs high acidity as it mat dame the surface of the countertop.

An Account on Garden Furniture

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Garden Furniture, garden decorIf you have a beautiful garden you should plan on making a patio for a comfortable and attractive feel. Patio furniture can be selected depending upon the kind of look you’re trying to create for that area. You can go for an oriental look and go for stone based furniture. This kind of stone based furniture is very useful in creating that oriental feel if you add flowering creepers and green plants around the furniture.

You can go for modern customized garden furniture too if you want. You might be confused about which ones to select as you’ll be spoilt for choice. Metal and plastic re the most common materials used in patio furniture. You can buy them online at good discounts as well. You can try and decorate the place with good lights and even tiki torches to enhance a natural and exotic feel about the patio or garden.

Brighten up your bedroom with the right colours

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Bedroom design ideas, bedroom decorThe bedroom is one of the most important parts of the house. It is that part of the house where you can retire after a hard day’s work. Therefore, it is needless to mention that it has to be done up in a way that would make it comfortable and inviting. Choosing the right colors for the bedroom is of utmost importance when you are trying to make your bedroom a better place.

It is advised that you go with colors that have a soothing effect so that you can relax rejuvenate. Colors like, light yellow, magenta, lilac and bright hues of pink are perfect for the bedroom. They will make the bedroom appear bright but not very loud keeping it simple and soothing to the senses. It has to be kept in mind that it is not just about the walls, the linens, the cushions and the even the curtains should have a certain harmony in terms of colors.

Add grandeur to your bedroom décor with a 4 poster bed

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Bedroom design ideas, bedroom decorIf you are planning for a dose of luxury and grandeur in the bedroom this time, a 4 poster bed would be a great option. The 4 poster beds are a hit from the traditional times and hugely preferred for their classy and ageless appeal.
The 4 poster beds are rightly called the “king of the beds” thanks to its majestic build with 4 vertical columns and royal structure. The huge bed creates a perfect cozy and romantic appeal which is truly hard to resist.

The 4 poster beds today are available in different styles. You have the contemporary beds which come up with a grand yet trendy appeal getting the perfect outlook for a modern bedroom. However, if you have a spacious bedroom and you like the vintage feel there are the medieval 4 poster beds to go for. You can spice up the entire feel by adding up some vibrant cushions and curtains.