Know How To Preserve Your Marble Flooring

August 22, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Flooring & Ceiling

Marble FlooringYour marble flooring is certainly the pride of your home. The natural stone is blessed with an innate elegant appeal that can work to glam up any kind of décor, be it a vintage or contemporary. Moreover, it’s hardy and comes with lasting benefits. However, you have to be cautious with marble flooring since marble maintenance demands an elaborate process. The post below is a brief on marble maintenance tips.

Regular cleaning

You have to clean up your marble floor regularly. For general cleaning, use tepid water which is neither too cold nor too hot. Proceed with small sections on the floor and every time you finish off mopping a particular section, wipe it dry immediately with a rag. Make sure to use soft rags both in case of mopping and drying. Marble floors can be extremely slippery & dangerous while wet and hence you should dry up the surface before moving on to the next section.

General dirt removal

When it comes to getting rid off general dirt from your floor surface, use neutral ph based cleaning agent. The detergent you take to should neither be alkaline or acidic to ensure a gentle effect on the flooring.

Removing food stains

In case of food stains you have to use a soft rage soaked peroxide solution. Rub the soaked cloth on your floor surface gently without getting too hard.

The don’ts of marble cleaning

You must know that marble flooring presents a softer surface, despite being sturdy. Thus, it’s prone to scratches easily which is why you should not take to very abrasive cleaners while doing up the floor surface. Vinegar, which is a common cleaning agent, is another no-no here when it comes to marble floors. Vinegar contains acidic properties that will damage your classy flooring.

Get professional help

You must take to specialist marble floor cleaners at least once in a year to ensure the new polished look always.