5 Unique Ways To Welcome Your Guests

September 06, 2014  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Care

WelcomeIt is imperative to make the guests feel at home but difficult too as there is a thin line which is drawn between the guests and the home members. The hosts usually get confused as to treat them as guests or as family members. Then again you might have guests coming over for breakfast, supper, lunch or brunch or you may have guests coming over to spend the weekend at your place. There might be some guests coming over from outstation to spend the holiday at your home. There are many creative and unique ways by which you can welcome your guests:

• Receiving your guests with warmth from the very inception – Being at the door when the bell is pressed shows your greatness and gracefulness rather than calling out to your servants to welcome them. Instead of them taking their luggage you can take their luggage. Making them feel comfortable should be your motive.

• Preparation matters – Being prepared beforehand with organizing for a small party as the guests come fills them with surprise and along with it the food should be lip smacking so that they feel content. Asking them for their favourite programs on television channel and giving them the remote control in their hand is essential.

• Making arrangement for their lodging – Giving the guests a separate room with appropriate and clean towel and bathing room should be arranged beforehand. Making sure that the water they require is of optimum temperature. Clearing a small area in the cupboard for them to keep their clothes in there so that they do not have to struggle with suitcase. Make sure that you also provide a lock and key to the cupboard in case they have any valuables which are to be put inside the cupboard.

• Taking them out for breath of fresh air – if the guests come from out of station it is not at all advisable to take them out as soon as they come after an exhausting journey rather you can take them out for a stroll in the garden or on the terrace and the next day you can make plans with the guest for outing. Asking for their favourite cuisine, shopping places and other outings.

• Making sure that everything is neat and tidy – The room in which the guests stay should be spick and span but what else matters is that the surrounding should also be neat and clean. You should a set a standard that after the meals you go and keep the plates and other cutlery and keep it in the sink or ask the servant to do it for the guest as well as for you.
Some basic manners that the guests should feel ease at are that you should eat with the guests and not early or late than them. Give them some space so that they get comfortable with the place and feel at home. Turning on the music of their choice will soothe the guests.