Basement Finishing – Design and Layout of Electrical Systems

January 28, 2010  //  Posted by: CTSI Home Maker  //  Category: Home Improvement, Lights & Fixtures

nullElectrical systems call out for a clear understanding on the local and states codes applying in the area. Many states however use a uniform code which applies across nation but it’s important to confirm that and avoid the assumption. For example, one is able to reach an electrical outlet with six feet of cord any where on the wall with great ease.

It is vital to note that the basement, kitchen and bathrooms must be near a Ground faulty circuit. This will prevent shock from any faulty appliances or water that may collide with any appliances. You should also consider laying out some form of light on the basement area which is known to produce a warm and natural glow among other things. Once you are through with the layout of electrical systems, be sure to call an electrician who will approve and give recommendation accordingly.

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