Bed Bugs: How To Get Rid Of Them Permanently?

October 23, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Care

Bed bugs are the most irritating creatures because once they infest your home; their numbers will increase at a tremendous pace. If you do not take note of their existence in your home then the end result would be that you would have to suffer from sleepless nights. These creatures can travel long distances and reach different destinations with the help bedding, furniture, luggage, clothing etc.

Firstly you can follow an integrated pest management procedure in which you will make use of several techniques such as sanitation, chemicals, preventive measures etc to deal with the bed bugs that have infested different areas of your house. Alcohol really has a detrimental effect on bed bugs. Thus you can use some strong but cheap alcohol to kill the bed bugs for good.

You can even buy a device that generates steam or use a kettle as a steam producing device and kill the bed bugs permanently because bed bugs cannot stand extreme heat. It is your responsibility to keep your home absolutely clean and free from any kind of dirt or dust. If your home remains clean then the bed bugs will never get a chance to infest your home.

Utilize an effective insecticide to get rid of the bed bugs appropriately. If possible throw away and replace all the items which are infested by the bed bugs so that the creatures do not spread in other parts of your home. In case you find any cracks and crevices in which the bed bugs are hiding then spray an insecticide in them and get those cracks or crevices closed.

Your clothes, beddings, curtains, stuffed toys and any other thing that is infested by the bed bugs must be washed thoroughly in hot water. If the bed bugs problem is huge then contact a pest control agency as soon as possible.

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