Rules for Selecting Right Bathtub

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Basically it is considered to be important factor that you need to complied with while going for selecting right bathtub for your bathroom. Because there are many things which you need to take in to account which will help you in getting the bathtub to be placed on its right place. Well, for me bathroom is considered to be such place in our home whereby we can spare some of the time for yourself and this will help you in taking more of precious time for you. So it is considered to be important to go for selecting right bathtub for your bathroom. Well, there are such rules which can help you in the matters of going for selecting right bathtub for your bathroom. The things which you need to keep in mind which will practically help you in getting with the process of installing it in your bathroom.

Well, there are certain rules which can help you in the matters of going for selecting right bathtub for your bathroom which can be considered to be helpful for the home owners only. For instance let me help you out with some of the examples which can help you in going for selecting right bathtub for your bathroom like going for right material which is suitable in your bathroom, measuring of the size and breadth of the bathtub area where you want to install it, going for selecting right place of planning it in your bathroom, etc. and many mote of the things which can be considered to be playing important role in the matters of going for selecting right bathtub for your bathroom.

Measuring for the right place is considered to be the first rule which the home owners are required to keep in mind because it will help them in knowing for the exact measures of the bathtub which they want to install in their bathroom. Determining and going for exact dimensions will help you in knowing for the best type of bathtub style which you can go for in your bathroom. Another thing which can help you in going for the process of selecting right bathtub for your bathroom is determining which is considered to be best type of materials which will suit up in your bathroom.

Well, frankly speaking don’t go for trusting any of the perception, but you go for knowing the thing and trust those of the materials which you thing will be suitable and can be adjustable in your bathroom. Go for deciding up the advantages and the disadvantaged of the bathtub which you have selecting for the matters of installing it in your bathroom. Go fort such type of bathtub which will suitable and comfortable for the user who is going to take the bathtub in use. Yes, because if you will not select it appropriately than it is going to be interrupting you only and the installation process of getting a bathtub in your bathroom will not be successful. So it is considered to be important to take in to account certain rules which can help you in the matters of going for selecting right bathtub for your bathroom.

How To Fix A Leaking Bathtub Faucet

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A leaking bathtub faucet is of course a big menace for any bathroom. It results in serious issues of which the most prominent is water wastage. Then, of course there is the problem of rusting. If the faucet is in continuous touch with dripping water it would soon develop rusty patches in the joints demanding a premature replacement. Besides constant water leakage from the bathtub tap would lead to unsightly stains on your beautiful tub. Moreover, continuous dripping results in a humid moisture laden environ in the bathroom which spreads mold growth. Thus, if you have got a leaky faucet in your bathroom do not delay to repair.
Repairing your leaky faucet does not call for high-end plumbing skills and your basic DIY plumbing knowledge would be quite handy here.

Tools needed

Before you start off with the repair work, be ready with a plumber grease, utility knife, adjustable wrench, handle puller, seat wrench and bath-socket wrench. Moreover, you have to get a fresh faucet and new replacement parts, matching up with the old ones. Make sure to get premium quality parts only from a highly reputed dealer.

Let’s start the repair.

Disassemble the leaky tap

Shut down water supply towards the leaky tap & open up its valves to let out excess water. Get a pocketknife or thin blade to remove the tap handle. Now, removing the handle could be tough but don’t be much forceful here as the handle might break. Use your handle puller here to gently remove the tap handle.

Disassemble stem assembly

As the handle comes out, it’s time to unscrew escutcheon & the stem assembly. Stem assembly is responsible to control temperature and amount of water to be dispensed through shower head or tub spout. Use your bath-socket wrench for easy removal of stem assembly.

Assemble stem & replacement parts

Before you go on with this step, make sure to lubricate all replacement parts with plumber’s grease to ensure an easy fit. If you are dealing with a dual-handled tap, it’s advised to replace seats and washers in both cold & hot valves.

First of all, unscrew packing nut. Then, twist stem clockwise & back it off from the bonnet. Now, pry out existent packing washer using a flat-blade small screwdriver. Apply grease on stem threads & reinstall stem in bonnet. Grease your just-bought packing washer & position it properly. Now, grease up packing-nut threads & strongly tighten up the nut.

In the next step, you will remove the existent seat-washer screw & seat washer. Apply grease on fresh seat washer & screw threads followed by a proper reinstallation. Now, you have to pull off your existent bonnet washer to replace with the new one. As with every step, you have to grease up the new bonnet washer prior to installing it. Then, apply the pipe-joint compound on bonnet threads & install it inside the tap body. Finally, it’s time to grease up handle splines which would be followed by replacement of escutcheon & handle.

Factors to mind while buying a bathtub

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buying a bathtubAre you planning bathtub for your new home? Well, that’s great but remember bathtubs are hefty investments and hence you have to be careful with the selection. The home improvement sector presents a huge variety of tubs and it’s really difficult to land up with a matching one without an able guide. The article here is a short brief on how to buy a good bathtub for your home.

You must consider the bathroom space before buying your tub. Space is a problem in most of the apartments today and hence it’s best of you settle with a combined bath & shower here. The P-shaped bath will be the most ideal this way with its curved shower-screen & bigger anti-slip end. However, in case you have ample space in the bathroom, you have the liberty for separate bath & showers. You might not want to use the bathtub everyday as bathtub clean-up post bath is really time consuming.

Freestanding bathtubs are in vogue these days. If you too desire to have one such in your bathroom, mind your theme of bathroom décor. If you have vintage décor back home, there are period free-standing bathtubs with rolled rim and claw feet radiating the coveted old-world charm. For contemporary bathroom there are trendy oval and curvy freestanding bathtubs. Please avoid the angular structures- yes these appear stylish but assure much comfortability.

Be careful about the choice of tub material. If you are taking to acrylic tubs, go for modern acrylic ones as these can retain heat longer in comparison to steel bath. However, the best choice would be the composite materials like Cristalplant or Corian since these come with longer heat retaining advantage and renewable surface. Another important tip here is to test your bathtub before buying. Just like you take your new car for test drive, don’t hesitate to lie down on the tub to experience the needed comfort level- prior to buying the tub.

Tips to check mold attack in bathroom

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mold attack in bathroomMold growth is a common nuisance in almost every bathroom today. Mold expansion is always unsightly and the worst part is that it’s harmful for health as well. A huge range of respiratory issues might result from mold attacks. Thus, it’s extremely important that you take to immediate measures to prevent mold attack in bathroom. The post here provides the needed tips that can help to get rid off mold in your bathroom.

Your household bleach is an excellent aid to fight against bathroom mold. Pour undiluted bleach on the mold-affected area and let it rest for around 30 minutes. Follow up with a hard scrubbing. Then rinse the area well with hot water. In case, you don’t like the bleach smell, pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil into rinsing water while you are finally washing off the place. However, you can go all natural if you don’t like any chemical dependency. Distilled white vinegar is your best friend here to get rid of bathroom mold naturally. Pour the vinegar straight onto the mold and let it set for 15-20 minutes. After that , scrub it off with a hard bathroom broom. If vinegar fails to produce satisfying results count on baking soda for a further scrub.

You must know that moisture is the breeding ground for mold or mildew. Hence it’s needed that you keep your bathroom all dry and de-humid always. Keep the bathroom windows open to let fresh air and sunlight come in, eliminating any chance of moisture formation inside. Then, install an exhaust fan for your bathroom that will suck off all the moisture from the place. A dehumidifier installation is another necessary step here. Finally, if the mold problem seems out of control, you must contact a professional mold removal company.

Do’s and Don’ts Of Bathroom Geysers

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Bathroom Geysers, bathroomBathroom geysers are essential in today’s life as hot water is needed for various purposes daily. But there are certain aspects of geyser which should be kept in mind while its installation and usage:
• Geyser in the bathroom should always be positioned close to the ceiling. Geyser should not be placed on ground level as children using the bathroom can be the victim of its effects.
• Switching on and off a geyser will not create any danger, it is believed that keeping the switch on for a long time will not help in heating the water as fast as possible.
• Earlier, one had to wait for hours after switching on the geyser but as the technology has advanced this problem has been completely eradicated.
• Fixing of bathroom geyser has become very essential; care should be taken while installing a geyser as it may lead to hazardous problems if not properly installed.

Why using a cabinet in your bathroom is important

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Bathroom Cabinet, bathroomThe bathroom is no doubt one of the most important rooms in the house. Not only do we use the bathroom for sanitary purposes but also for carrying out different grooming and cleaning needs. Not only we, even the bathroom need periodic cleanings and bottles of chemicals and different types of brushes are required for the purpose.

If you are going to store your soap cases, shampoo and conditioner bottles, loofas and pumice stones, tooth-brushes and pastes, cleaning detergent etc, then not only will your bathroom end up looking chaotic and dirty. There might hardly any space for anything else.

It is therefore always a good choice to use a cabinet in your bathroom, instead of keeping the bathroom essentials scattered here and there. A cabinet can be built to compliment the décor of your bathroom and can also be the base of your basin if you prefer it that way.

Installing a vanity cupboard in your bathroom

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Vanity cupboards, bathroom decorThe bathroom is one of the most important places in the house. Therefore, it is very important that it is taken care of in the best possible way. One of the most important things that you will have to take care of in this regard is the organization of the bathroom. It is very important that all items in the bathroom are kept in an organized fashion and free from clutter. An installation of a vanity cabinet can be a very good idea in this regard.

There should be different sections in the cabinet for the different kinds of items in the cabinet like the cosmetics, gadgets etc. A nice vanity cabinet will not only help you keep your things organized but it will also help you give your bathroom a nice appeal. There are a lot of options when it comes to the different shapes, sores, designs and tinctures for the cabinets to choose from.

Refurbishing a bath tub

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Bathtub resurfacing tips, bathtubThe bathroom is one of the most important pace sin the house. Therefore, it is very important that proper care is taken when it comes to the look of the bathroom. One of the most important items of the bathroom is the bathtub. There will be a certain point of time when a bathtub refurbishing will be very important for you.

A thorough cleaning of the area is going to be very important when it comes to bathtub refurbishing. You have to make sure that you remove all the caulk or the chipped paints with the help of the steel wood pads. The area has to be sanded. A chemical adhesive has to be added to the areas that have been damaged, you can use epoxy for getting the cracks filled up. It is also very important that you scoop out the dirt. These are some the things that you will have to take care of when it comes to refurbishing your bath tub.

Bathroom designs for a contemporary home

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Bathroom designsThe bathroom is one of the luxuries rooms in our house. No matter how small or large the house is, there is one thing that is common between them- they will have the most luxurious bathrooms affordable by their owner. For those with modern yet classy tastes, there are a number of bathroom options available. These bathroom designs range from the traditional yet modern look, to the out and out modern look and design.

There are innumerable bathroom accessories to choose from and you can start with an idea and get a whole bathroom designed thanks to a wide array of designer hardware available that will make your bathroom look like a state of the art corner. From exclusive bathtubs, that are gorgeous and safe at the same time, to never ending décor ideas, you are sure to be spoilt for choice regardless of the size of your bathroom. Now the bathroom is where you will want to be!

Accessorize your bathroom with a vanity closet

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Vanity closet for bathroom, bathroom decorBathroom is a very important place. In the earlier days if human civilization, man used to have a lot of his own space. He would have an entire cave to himself where he could spend golden time in solitude. With time and improved socialisms, this space grew smaller and smaller, and on the present say, the only place that guarantees you an undisturbed time of your own is your bathroom.

Therefore, it is very important that the bathroom be done very nicely and perfectly according to your taste. One of the best ways of doing up the bathroom so that it would look good as well as be functional is to add a vanity closet to the bathroom. This will help you keep your belongings in an organized fashion in the bathroom. They are very useful for keeping the room free from clutter. They are available in a lot of different styles and color schemes too.