Give your bathroom themed décor

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bathroom themed décor, bathroom décorA themed bathroom can give your house a new and exciting look which your guests, friends and colleagues will both love and envy at the same time. Choosing a theme and organizing needs a lot of thinking and planning so that everything is done properly without any hassle. First you should make sure on what theme you want to decorate your bathroom. You can think about a specific color theme or a combination of color as your bathroom theme such as the combination of the two colors red and white. If you are settling down for a color specific theme then you have to make sure that all the items in your bathroom are of the combination of the two colors you have selected.

You can even paint the walls of your bathroom with the two preferred colors. Also you can plan the décor of your bathroom based on a particular place like France or Egypt or even Hawaii. You can put up wall hanging and pictures of those places and can chalk out a list of items that will help you to bring out the essence of that place in your bathroom and give it a completely new and exotic look.

Ideas and suggestions for bathroom renovation

February 07, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Bathroom & Fixtures

Having your bathroom renovated at rare intervals are necessary to keep the essence intact and clean. You might not have the best of bathroom model ideas when you moved in but with time when you settle down you might come across ideas to renovate it. This gives you a wider chance to think deep and come up with the most luxurious idea. Bathroom is more than just showering and defecating. It should be seen as a place to relax where you can have a peace of mind away from all the troubles of life. You can have large airy showers along with soaking tubs which can replace your noisy Jacuzzis. The biggest renovation can come in the form of steam baths. While reconfiguring your bathroom you need to have a few of these:

  • A seat,
  • A sloping ceiling to drain out condensation
  • A door which is vapor-tight ensuring that the steam room is completely insulated and enclosed
  • Marble or tiles on all the bathroom surfaces
  • A floor drain.

Choosing the right shower panel for your bathroom

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Do you want to give your bathroom a modern look by replacing your old shower panels? Well then that is a great idea. Reading the following text would be really beneficial for you. With a marker on your walls you can measure the points where to install your shower rods. There are various types of shower rods, frame based and frame less ones. After drilling holes in the wall you should install a door jamb before placing your shower panel.

You can use a mirror surface based shower panel or a titanium one. But if you have a small space in your bathroom then opting for narrow shower panel would the best option for you. On the other hand if you are a lover of music then you can use computerized radio shower panel where you can load all your favorite songs. Stainless steel shower panels are mostly durable even after massive water connection in the bathroom.


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Enlighten the bathroom is one of the most important part for it is good to look at. For relaxation purpose a well-designed bathroom is earnestly necessary. One should install lights such that the broad daylight complements the electrical light during the daytime. Not only that, one should pay heed to his or her attention towards two important aspects. One is the shower and toilet and the other is the mirror.

There are also vanity lights and bar lights through which one can simply enlighten bathroom. For wide mirrors, the fixed sconce lights with the bathroom walls in both side of the mirror can appear as an enlighten bathroom. Bathroom wall light sconces are available in a number of designs in the market. A good bit of brightness is always preferred by the individual. While sitting in the bathroom it looks nice then it seems to be a practically effective bathroom. Good quality lighting can keep one enjoying a great bathroom session.


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Bathroom should always be decorative. It is absolutely a place of relaxation after a daily routine hard work. That’s why most of the people want to spice it up. The bathroom windows should be clearly opened. Not only that, it should carry a large section of the bathroom.The commonest of window styles for bathrooms is surely of slider designs, casement and double hung.

The glasses set in the bathroom must be decorative as well. There should be proper ventilation in everyone’s bathroom so that the sunlight may easily enter the room. With larger glass areas, energy efficiency as well as comfort in everyone’s bathroom is of major concerns. In case of dual pane windows the “warm edge technology” is going to be introduced. Today’s design-conscious homeowners are really concerned of their bathroom. The aluminium glasses with high energy soaking efficiency can enhance the beautifulness of one’s bathroom.

Basement Bathrooms: Weighing Cost vs. Convenience

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Basement bathroom is a great process to improve and enhance your home’s value. Instead of turning your basement into a closed space for storage, give it a little more respect by installing a proper bathroom. Putting a basement bathroom in place can be a bit tricky. There are some tips you need to follow, and they are:

• The question of defying gravity is an essential issue because the waste water has to be cleared out from the basement into the septic tank. This can get complicated if not planned properly. However, there are options available that can enable you to do so, so don’t worry.
• A basement bathrooms area popular concepts because they can be constructed cheaply and with ease. A proper planning is a must in order to make it a success. Only keep in mind that a constant source of electricity is necessary along with proper ventilation and lighting.

Accessorize your bathroom

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You have done your bathroom and added a corner shower stall. Now is time to accessorize your bathroom. You first have to choose a welcome bath rug. Choose it in a material that absorbs water well.

Soap dispensers and tumbler holders add up the accessory section. Get angular cokes for your countertops and lace it with frills or quartz pieces on top. Go for beige or chrome shower and drains. Choose a water-resistant sewage cover with good coloring.

Towel holders and cloth holders may be placed in a cabinet or at a height. Just ensure that these don’t take a bath along with you. You can add a few wall hooks for additional holdings. Shower channels pep up your bathroom look.

Have a tissue box just as well. Choose materials in steel or virgin plastic for least corrosion. You can also invest in bath salts. Keep your bathroom well-fragrant and airy.

Plumbing regulations

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Plumbing is a professional business and not easy to acquire as a vocation. You need to be aware of its patent points. You have to work according to the regulations imposed such as technical and safety.

You have first to get aware of the structure of the house, and wherein the plumbing and venting will be done. Then, you have to plan where the holes will be ripped to allow passage of pipelines. This should not weaken the whole structure not make it look awkward.

You will have to be good at cutting pipes, threading and riveting them. Proper measurement at every space is required. You also have to meet security standard. They should not lead to damaged sewage, inherent leaks and fire due to water problems.

Pipes have to be tested for leaking to meet regulations. UPC is considered the best variety as it is weather resistant and regulation-friendly too.

Tips For Keeping Your Bathroom Organized

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When it comes to bathrooms, there are many aspects a home owner has to look at so as to get this room organized so as to make the morning and evening routines faster and hassle free. They need to carry out a quick assessment of the bathroom for the various problems that are encountered.

The most important tip to follow is to de-clutter the bathroom. The homeowner has to get rid of all the items in the bathroom. Some of the materials would need to be stored in a different area especially for small bathrooms. Have a convenient location to place the various items such as baskets for towels and other bathroom utilities. Make some room if there is not enough. The homeowner can use walls as a place to store some of the accessories as well as build cabinets that fit between the bathroom walls. Enough lighting is also important as it makes the bathroom bright and therefore easy to organize.

Choosing Counter Top Material For Your Bathroom

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Choosing bathroom countertops is a bit more fun as compared to choosing kitchen countertops because the priority here is the decorative aspect rather than the functionality. Another reason is that bathroom countertops do not have much work like the kitchen countertops so you may as well consider the aesthetics value rather than their practicality. This means that as a homeowner you will have more choices for your bathroom countertops.

Bathroom countertops in most cases are custom-made and that means that you have the freedom to choose the design that best suits your needs and preferences. However, you will have to keep in mind some few things such as the size of your bathroom and the design of the countertops. In addition, you have to consider the activities that will go down in the bathroom so that you evaluate the available space accordingly.

There are many materials that are used in making bathroom countertops and they do not necessarily need to be durable like the ones for kitchen countertops.