Choosing the right exterior paints for your home

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Exterior Paints, home paintingAre you planning to paint the exterior of your home? You have to be very much careful while choosing the exterior paints for your home. There are many factors which you should keep in mind before you pick a particular exterior paint.

The exterior of your house is subjected to prolonged exposure to sunlight, wind, dust, rain, etc. Your paint should such that it can resist all these external factors. It should contain anti corrosive reagents to prevent itself from getting faded away. If once faded, your house will not look that beautiful. Don’t select a very light color for the exterior of your house. Because they may get dirty due very easily.

Since the painting the exterior of your house involve a huge amount of money, so be very careful whenever you are getting the exterior painted so that you don’t have to incur the same expenses again and again. Many companies have come up with paints which are really amazing for the purpose of being used in the exterior walls. Make a proper research of the market before you select a particular paint for the exterior of your house.

Roof coating, a must have for added durability

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Having a new house or buying a new property that we have always wanted to is nothing less than a dream. However while the position of your residence, the neighborhood, the area of the house, the décor of the rooms is all we pay attention to most of the times, there is one very important element of our house that needs special attention: the roof.

At first the design of the roof is all we think of, but while we are cozy inside the house, it is the roof that faces all the extremities of the nature, from the harsh sun rays, the heavy snow, and the endless amount of rain water. This makes the roof go weak over time. To add to the strength of your roof, new age roof coating is available in the market. These roof coatings make sure that you do not need to spend a fortune over your roof after a few years.

Oil-Based Vs. Acrylic Paints

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It can be difficult to know the paint to purchase especially if you have no idea on paints. Some of the major differences between acrylic and oil-based paints include the odor. The reason why acrylic is favored by many people is that they have no odor unlike the oil-based paints which have an annoying odor. If you are planning of use oil based paints, you have to make sure that you are conversant with the safety measures like ventilation. Another major difference that the oiled-based paints have against the acrylic paints is that oil-based paints require to be cleaned up in a paint thinner or solvent like mineral spirit so that the brushes do not get stuck with the paints.

Another thing that you need to know about acrylic paints and the oil-based oils is that there are differences in their drying time. If you want, your work to dry very fast and then you should go for the acrylic type of paint.

Feng Shui Color Choice Tutorial

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Feng Shui evolved when it was observed that people were affected by the surroundings. It is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging a space in order to receive harmony to the surrounding environment. Feng shui is not a black magic neither is it a superstition, religion, philosophy or new age. This is a practical way of arranging a space in accordance with the surrounding and has been around for over three thousand years. When feng shui is practiced properly, it is known to improve health, business opportunities, wealth, relationships, health and career among others.

Among the feng shui tutorials that you can lean if you want to add beauty in your house include creating many different ways of entering the house, painting or treating the porch and the front door using as many colors as possible to create and express success for you. In order for feng shui to be achieved, you have to make sure that you follow the laid down procedures otherwise you will not achieve what you want.

Green Paint Colors in Home Decor Palettes

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nullVarious shades of green can be used to paint the interiors or exteriors of your home. It depends on your choice whether you want a subtle look or a warm look for your home décor. Different ways you can use green paint in your home:

If you are interested to blend in retro and modern look in your home, you may pair green and turquoise colors. This combination is great for anybody who wants to jazz up his or her room, including the kid bedroom. Using avocado green wallpaper for your room gives it a classic touch. This can be framed on a single wall for greater effect. Use proper lights that can highly accentuate color in a room.

For dining space, you can use bright vibrant green to eliminate dullness. Daring green or neutral green, you may choose it according to your bent of mind. Green in any tone is great for the eyes even.

Choosing paint color for your home

January 29, 2010  //  Posted by: CTSI Home Maker  //  Category: Color & Paints, Home Decor, Home Improvement

nullChoosing the right paint color for your home is a very important aspect of your home décor. While choosing the paint color, you must consider few things like:

Comfort: Nobody knows you more than you do. So choose the colors that make you feel at ease. As kids you might have had fascination for certain colors, so try and get back to your childhood and analyze what would look best for your home.

Home décor: You should select those colors that complement the entire décor of your home. Some colors might not suit your sofa or carpet, so choose carefully.

Creativity: Nothing is more original than your imagination! While coloring your walls, use creativity as a key for right selection.

Different shades of color: Different colors of paint are available from eggplant to hot cinnamon. It is your call what you prefer.

The color you may choose should blend in perfectly with your style and uplift your mood.