HVAC System: How To Keep It Running Effectively?

October 17, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Appliances

The HVAC system in your house gives you the ultimate opportunity to control and manipulate the indoor air climate and quality. You must ensure that the HVAC system works effectively because it is your responsibility to keep your family members and your house safe at all times. If the systems does not work appropriately then the health of your family members and your own health might be affected negatively. The indoor air will circulate properly around your entire house, only if the HVAC system is functioning smoothly. Here are certain ways in which you can make your HVAC system run efficiently.
The filters utilized in the HVAC system must be replaced on a monthly basis, especially if the HVAC system is used in your house regularly. Always keep extra filters in your house because at any time the need for changing the existing filters might arise. The vents and ducts in your HVAC system have to be cleaned weekly so that dust does not assemble on them. The outside units of the HVAC system must be checked regularly so that no debris, dust, grass and leaves collect on them and interrupt the smooth working of the HVAC system.
If you notice that your HVAC system is not functioning appropriately then you must contact a professional immediately so that he/she can detect the problem in your HVAC system and deal with it conveniently. Getting your heating and air conditioning system serviced every month or every year is also very essential.
The vents of the HVAC system, the bathroom doors and bedroom doors should be kept open because if the airflow is blocked and restricted then the entire HVAC system will have to work very hard to produce the desired results. Never overuse your HVAC system. Always give it some time to rest and cool down.

Natural ways of cleaning a microwave

June 13, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Appliances

clean your microwave oven, microwaveMicrowaves come with an automated cleaning process. This feature helps in cleaning the microwave, or so it aims. But everyone knows that this cleaning procedure is not enough for efficiently cleaning the microwave. This ten to fifteen minutes investment of time for steam cleaning is not enough for cleaning the microwave which goes through a lot of turmoil, heat, all sorts of smell and torture throughout the day. After all this you would have to manually clean the microwave anyway. So how do you actually do this?

The first and foremost thing is to use a wet cloth to wipe any spill instantly. This will prevent the accumulation of all burnt particles at once. For routine cleaning, you should buy special products for cleaning of the microwave. Remember, while cleaning the microwave, you must wear gloves for precautionary purpose. You can even use baking soda for natural ingredient for cleaning of the microwave. If the condition of your microwave is very poor, then you should consider hiring a professional microwave cleaner.

Modern ceiling fan designs

April 28, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Appliances

ceiling fans, home decorIf you are building a new house, then you should also have take much care about the accessories in your new home. Ceiling fans consist of a very important part of your house. The ceiling fans earlier used to be much bulkier in look. But now the fans are much more stylish and are available in a variety of designs.

With the technological advancement, small motors are now developed which are much more efficient and powerful enough to deliver comfort to the room. Thus the modern ceiling fans are much sleek and small in design compared to the ceiling fans of the earlier days.

If your room is small enough then you can fit small ceiling fan, however for a very big room, you need to fit more than one ceiling fans. Some ceiling fans even come with light or chandelier fitted with them. Thus it gives a new dimension to the beauty of your room.

How to keep you home gadgets well maintained

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home gadgetsMaintaining your electronic gadget is very necessary. By maintaining your gadgets well you could get the 100% output from it. If you keep your gadgets well maintained, then you can get a good return value for it. You can maintain the air conditioner by regularly cleaning it. Regular cleaning of the air conditioner will ensure that you get a good conditioned air. It will keep your home at a better temperature. Similarly by cleaning the vents of the electric chimney on a regular basis will ensure exhaust from your kitchen is thrown out regularly.

You can also maintain the generator of your home to give yourself an everlasting support of electricity. The generator can be sold and thus you can get a good value for your generator if you have maintained it well. For maintaining the generator you need to check the oil in the pipelines and cleaning the parts regularly. Thus maintain the gadgets of your home to have a good performance.

Revitalize your home with retro furniture

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Retro furniture is almost extinct now. The kind of sofa sets and wooden dinner tables, chairs etc. you used to see at your grandparent’s is probably the best quality furniture available till date. Their durability is unparallel. This furniture, or the wood they were made up of might not be available nowadays but you can always have these retro furniture sets available at any furniture store. The design, looks etc. are what makes them elegant and classy.
Nowadays with all the tech friendly classy couches and bean bags these old furniture sets are almost invisible at our homes. But it can add a great deal of elegance to your house and room if you have a set of retro furniture if not by the fire place but at least in the living room. You’re bound to be greeted with surprise and praise from most of your visitors who’d have the slightest idea of you owning these retro furniture sets.

Chill Out with an Under-counter Refrigerator

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In the modern times with the advent of technology all the matters have become really easy. If you want to gather any relevant data pertaining to the under counter refrigerator then you can get them readily at the cyber space. Internet is a best medium which allows a search for all the related topics and you can actually look to look up for any topics that you want. For electronic items and other accessories it is advisable that you search for them in the internet.

It is better to indulge in prior research about the product that you plan to buy so as to make sure that you buy the right brand and don’t get swindled in the process. There are copious numbers of websites that are available and hence you have to b extra careful in choosing the best option available. Be smart and prompt in choosing as it will help to put you in good stead.

Generator Repair

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In modern times the usages of electricity have increased tremendously and lots of people are using the system like never before. Since the usage has increased in larger proportion the amount of defects are also on a rise. With the level of consumption of electricity on the rise all the demand for generators are also on the rise. There are plenty of generator services available but you got to be careful before handing over the machine to the service center.

You must indulge in prior research about the generator service center and must thoroughly investigate about the services he provides. The service center must be equipped with the required instrument required for the repair. There are data and info available about the phone system on the cyber space as well so make the right move and make sure that you are on the right track when it comes to phone repair system. Indulging in proper research is the key in order to attain successful in finding out about the best option available.

Misting fans – how they are useful

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Misting fans are a cheap, cost effective way of cooling the area during scorching summers or warm sultry days. The high pressure misting fans sprinkle a fine mist of water into the air that is spread out with the fan. This fine mist helps to give a cool feeling similar to what one gets with an air conditioner or air cooler. A big advantage of misting fans is however their portability which means one can carry them anywhere they go during the summer unlike in the case of the air conditioners and coolers.

The other big advantage of misting fans is their power consumption which is almost negligible helping to keep the bills down a bit. A misting fan is ideal to cool the air around when one is sitting in the patio, deck, garden or terrace or even working in the garage. One can also use these misting fans, releasing water droplets that cool by evaporating quickly, in a gym while working out.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

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nullHeating, ventilation and air conditioning fall under the climate control system that occupies an important part in office and homes in the US. Generally known as HVAC system, they fulfill two important functions:

HVAC offers and maintains “thermal comfort”.
Secondly, it helps maintain air quality of air indoors.

Energy efficient cooling system rated with SEER 9 and above is popular in the US. By converting to SEER 13 from 9, one can reduce power consumption almost by 30 percent. This is a great thing as almost $300 can be saved every year.

Energy efficient heating systems like zoned heating, water heating and geothermal heating have become popular. Modern technology has made it possible to save energy.

Besides, some companies have also invented technology to enhance the efficiency of the already existing HVAC system. Replacing the existing one can be expensive, so you can install these. One example of such a technology is the Cool-N-Save™ add-on. So now, you can utilize your HVAC system and still save.