5 Unique Ways To Welcome Your Guests

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WelcomeIt is imperative to make the guests feel at home but difficult too as there is a thin line which is drawn between the guests and the home members. The hosts usually get confused as to treat them as guests or as family members. Then again you might have guests coming over for breakfast, supper, lunch or brunch or you may have guests coming over to spend the weekend at your place. There might be some guests coming over from outstation to spend the holiday at your home. There are many creative and unique ways by which you can welcome your guests:

• Receiving your guests with warmth from the very inception – Being at the door when the bell is pressed shows your greatness and gracefulness rather than calling out to your servants to welcome them. Instead of them taking their luggage you can take their luggage. Making them feel comfortable should be your motive.

• Preparation matters – Being prepared beforehand with organizing for a small party as the guests come fills them with surprise and along with it the food should be lip smacking so that they feel content. Asking them for their favourite programs on television channel and giving them the remote control in their hand is essential.

• Making arrangement for their lodging – Giving the guests a separate room with appropriate and clean towel and bathing room should be arranged beforehand. Making sure that the water they require is of optimum temperature. Clearing a small area in the cupboard for them to keep their clothes in there so that they do not have to struggle with suitcase. Make sure that you also provide a lock and key to the cupboard in case they have any valuables which are to be put inside the cupboard.

• Taking them out for breath of fresh air – if the guests come from out of station it is not at all advisable to take them out as soon as they come after an exhausting journey rather you can take them out for a stroll in the garden or on the terrace and the next day you can make plans with the guest for outing. Asking for their favourite cuisine, shopping places and other outings.

• Making sure that everything is neat and tidy – The room in which the guests stay should be spick and span but what else matters is that the surrounding should also be neat and clean. You should a set a standard that after the meals you go and keep the plates and other cutlery and keep it in the sink or ask the servant to do it for the guest as well as for you.
Some basic manners that the guests should feel ease at are that you should eat with the guests and not early or late than them. Give them some space so that they get comfortable with the place and feel at home. Turning on the music of their choice will soothe the guests.

Bed Bugs: How To Get Rid Of Them Permanently?

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Bed bugs are the most irritating creatures because once they infest your home; their numbers will increase at a tremendous pace. If you do not take note of their existence in your home then the end result would be that you would have to suffer from sleepless nights. These creatures can travel long distances and reach different destinations with the help bedding, furniture, luggage, clothing etc.

Firstly you can follow an integrated pest management procedure in which you will make use of several techniques such as sanitation, chemicals, preventive measures etc to deal with the bed bugs that have infested different areas of your house. Alcohol really has a detrimental effect on bed bugs. Thus you can use some strong but cheap alcohol to kill the bed bugs for good.

You can even buy a device that generates steam or use a kettle as a steam producing device and kill the bed bugs permanently because bed bugs cannot stand extreme heat. It is your responsibility to keep your home absolutely clean and free from any kind of dirt or dust. If your home remains clean then the bed bugs will never get a chance to infest your home.

Utilize an effective insecticide to get rid of the bed bugs appropriately. If possible throw away and replace all the items which are infested by the bed bugs so that the creatures do not spread in other parts of your home. In case you find any cracks and crevices in which the bed bugs are hiding then spray an insecticide in them and get those cracks or crevices closed.

Your clothes, beddings, curtains, stuffed toys and any other thing that is infested by the bed bugs must be washed thoroughly in hot water. If the bed bugs problem is huge then contact a pest control agency as soon as possible.

Preventing a leak in the basement

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basement, basement maintenanceOur basements are one of the most useful but vulnerable places around the house. A leaky basement is a common problem around the house and there are ways by which you can prevent it. First of all, you must be aware of the warning signs. Damp walls, peeling wallpaper or colors, wet patches, etc are indicators of a leaky basement.

Do a full sweep of the basement to check these out. If you have anything metallic like heaters or pumps in the basement, check for rust and loose joints. If there is a lot of moist rust, it means you need to check the moisture level of the basement to prevent further damage. Start by repairing small cracks. Seal off open unused shutters and cracks or holes and use lamination on the inside and outside walls for complete protection. Follow these tips and protect your home.

How To Choose The Right Plumber

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Right PlumberEvery home needs the services of a plumber from time to time. There is always a need to fix a leaky pipe or find the source of damp. This can be tough for a person not belonging to the locality. Best thing to do then is to acquire knowledge of such tradesmen from neighbors and your real estate agents. Make sure they are licensed as it ensures they have the right credentials required for the job. When contacting them for their services make sure to take notice of their license number which can be used to solve problems later. Also take many more opinions and follow them up to get the lowest prices.

After having the plumber fix your pipes or replace parts make sure to get a warranty on the parts and also assurance of its time span before which some other problem might occur related to it.

Room heaters and where to place them in your house

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Room heatersIf you are planning to have a room heater in your house, then you need to buy the right type of room heater and should place it properly in your house. Now you must be wondering where to place it to make the most of it. Before you buy a room heater, get the exact measurements of your room. The specifications of your room heater should depend on your room size and shape. You can even contact an expert person to help you in this matter.

While buying a room heater, the engineers of the company can also help you regarding which type of room heater to be chosen and where to fit it. Place the heater at such a place from where it can effectively heat the entire room. Keep in mind that the heater is not placed directly in front of a door or window. It will decrease the efficiency of the heater.


Modern Trend On Modular Homes

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Modular Homes, home imporvementThe trends of home furnishing have changed a lot. Modular home has been the “in” theme recently. The designs and the innovations are very different from what it previously was. People are mostly going for such designs and furniture’s which make the homes look systematic and organized and at the same time modern.

Multifunctional modular furnishing

The crushing living spaces have made people used modular furniture’s. The modular home furnishing is multifunctional for which it does not take up much space. The installation space and the time is less. So neither does it take too much time nor does it require too much investment. A sofa cum bad is an apt example of modular furnishing. It can be turned to a bed as well as a sofa according to need. Some very common concepts of modular furnishing are the modular bedrooms and the modular kitchen. The modular kitchen for example is a very compact and organized kitchen. It has cabinets and racks for every little accessory of the kitchen.
If you have a small house use the modern trends and furniture’s to furnish it.

How to remove attic mold

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remove attic moldYour attic is highly vulnerable to the mold attacks. If you too are down with mold infestations on your attic do not delay to get rid of them since mold is greatly harmful for health creating severe respiratory issues and here are some tips on effective mold removal.

People have the misconception that bleach could be an effective help here. But the fact is that bleach won’t be able to kill the mold since it’s not strong enough to delve further into board fibers for uprooting spores. Mold problems occur due to bad ventilation issues. Thus, check out the airflow in the attic and you might need to reroute the airflow from kitchens and bathrooms. Installing a dehumidifier would also help here.

Invest on good mold removal products. Consult with a reputed brand and if the problem is severe you might have to contact a professional mold inspection and remediation agency.

Why go for hardwood flooring?

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hardwood flooringThere are many types of flooring styles that you can opt for while constructing your house. A very popular type of flooring which is much in use these days is the hardwood flooring style. Though they are much more costly than the alternatives available in the market, still people refer to go for hardwood flooring. The woods normally used are oak, maple, beech etc. and in some cases teak is also used. The wooden logs have got their own grain patterns which add to the look of the house. No two similar logs are installed side by side. They are matched with their grains while installing.

The maintenance of hardwood flooring is also very easy. You can keep the floor clean and durable just by cleaning it regularly and properly with a clean piece of cloth. As the age of the flooring increases, it adds more to the aesthetic look of the house. Hardwood flooring gives an elegant touch to the beauty of your house.

Protect your pool with pool covers

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Do you want to know about the importance of pool cover? Well then reading this article will help you understand how you can protect your swimming pool with the help of a pool cover. Especially the solar pool covers provide great facilities. You just need to remove the cover from your swimming pool and lay it on your lawn flatly.

Use the garden hose so that you can clean any dirt from your solar cover. The cover cleaner can help you clean it off properly if you use pool brush and wipe the cover. Pool covers help you maintain your pool water warm during the winter season and in summer the cover prevent sunlight to make the pool water warm.
It also helps preventing the dry leaves and other debris get into the pool, also if you are having children at home then using pool cover is good as a safety measure also.

Keep your marble tiles squeaky clean

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Marble tiles maintenance, marble careThe home is the most beloved place for all of us and we decorate our home in the best possible way. We always try so that our room looks the most beautiful and attractive always. Thus while the construction of your house, you prefer marble for the flooring of your home. Marble flooring a wide appeal to the people and adds to the imperialistic look of your house. But then the marble floors should be kept clean properly. Otherwise the gloss and the shine of the floor will be gone. The marble floor is much vulnerable to any type of dirt. If proper care not clean and not cleaned instantly then the dirt may persist for a lifetime of the marble. Thus a very good and reputed floor cleaner should be used to clean the marble tiles. After cleaning, the tiles should be wiped with a dry cloth. Any sort of water on the tiles will leave a permanent mark on the tiles.