Designing a home theatre room for your home

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Build a home theatre room, home theatreTo surmise the design of your home theatre room is an imperative decree of yours. A well decorated room will not only improve the acoustics but also result out the best out of your sound system. Many a times we keep ranting about sound problems and not being able to here the dialogues of a daily soap or a movie properly, this occurs by dint of improper placing of the sound system. Well the perils and credit of becoming a professional are many, as the business of designing a home theatre is very lucrative.

Therefore it is good for all individuals to learn the basics to avoid the cost of hiring a professional who will charge a heavy amount. Try to avoid placing a home theatre in a square shaped room so that the sound waves do not bounce back from the walls. If you don’t have these options then adjust it by placing furniture and acoustic panels. Always spread a carpet. Never be in hard and flat surfaces. A rectangle room is the best for designing a home theatre room. The ceiling height is best if kept from 6 to 8 feet. To alter the height of the ceiling a rear riser can be used. These are tiny and minute points which if considered then help to craft the best of the best designs of room theatre.

DIY tips to make a headboard under 30$

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Tips to make a headboard, home decorHeadboards in a room make a good focal point in a room. You can create your own headboard for your rooms with ideas that are quite different from others. Here are some of the DIY ideas that will help you make a good headboard for your room without even pinching your pocket much. One of the most beautiful headboards is the picture board. Placing your family photographs on a wall together with a similar coloured frames will give your room the perfect headboard that is required by you.

Second of the headboard idea is using curtains. You can hang up the curtain channels from the wall and hang good colourful curtains to make give your room that extra bit of design and colour. This will provide a perfect focal point for your room. Another thing you can do is on the curtain rods or channels you can hang up a blanket of your favourite design giving your room a much required uniqueness. So follow these ideas to get a headboard that does not cost you much.