How To Fix A Leaking Bathtub Faucet

July 25, 2014  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Bathroom & Fixtures

A leaking bathtub faucet is of course a big menace for any bathroom. It results in serious issues of which the most prominent is water wastage. Then, of course there is the problem of rusting. If the faucet is in continuous touch with dripping water it would soon develop rusty patches in the joints demanding a premature replacement. Besides constant water leakage from the bathtub tap would lead to unsightly stains on your beautiful tub. Moreover, continuous dripping results in a humid moisture laden environ in the bathroom which spreads mold growth. Thus, if you have got a leaky faucet in your bathroom do not delay to repair.
Repairing your leaky faucet does not call for high-end plumbing skills and your basic DIY plumbing knowledge would be quite handy here.

Tools needed

Before you start off with the repair work, be ready with a plumber grease, utility knife, adjustable wrench, handle puller, seat wrench and bath-socket wrench. Moreover, you have to get a fresh faucet and new replacement parts, matching up with the old ones. Make sure to get premium quality parts only from a highly reputed dealer.

Let’s start the repair.

Disassemble the leaky tap

Shut down water supply towards the leaky tap & open up its valves to let out excess water. Get a pocketknife or thin blade to remove the tap handle. Now, removing the handle could be tough but don’t be much forceful here as the handle might break. Use your handle puller here to gently remove the tap handle.

Disassemble stem assembly

As the handle comes out, it’s time to unscrew escutcheon & the stem assembly. Stem assembly is responsible to control temperature and amount of water to be dispensed through shower head or tub spout. Use your bath-socket wrench for easy removal of stem assembly.

Assemble stem & replacement parts

Before you go on with this step, make sure to lubricate all replacement parts with plumber’s grease to ensure an easy fit. If you are dealing with a dual-handled tap, it’s advised to replace seats and washers in both cold & hot valves.

First of all, unscrew packing nut. Then, twist stem clockwise & back it off from the bonnet. Now, pry out existent packing washer using a flat-blade small screwdriver. Apply grease on stem threads & reinstall stem in bonnet. Grease your just-bought packing washer & position it properly. Now, grease up packing-nut threads & strongly tighten up the nut.

In the next step, you will remove the existent seat-washer screw & seat washer. Apply grease on fresh seat washer & screw threads followed by a proper reinstallation. Now, you have to pull off your existent bonnet washer to replace with the new one. As with every step, you have to grease up the new bonnet washer prior to installing it. Then, apply the pipe-joint compound on bonnet threads & install it inside the tap body. Finally, it’s time to grease up handle splines which would be followed by replacement of escutcheon & handle.

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