How to remove attic mold

November 02, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Care

remove attic moldYour attic is highly vulnerable to the mold attacks. If you too are down with mold infestations on your attic do not delay to get rid of them since mold is greatly harmful for health creating severe respiratory issues and here are some tips on effective mold removal.

People have the misconception that bleach could be an effective help here. But the fact is that bleach won’t be able to kill the mold since it’s not strong enough to delve further into board fibers for uprooting spores. Mold problems occur due to bad ventilation issues. Thus, check out the airflow in the attic and you might need to reroute the airflow from kitchens and bathrooms. Installing a dehumidifier would also help here.

Invest on good mold removal products. Consult with a reputed brand and if the problem is severe you might have to contact a professional mold inspection and remediation agency.

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