Ideas and suggestions for bathroom renovation

February 07, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Bathroom & Fixtures

Having your bathroom renovated at rare intervals are necessary to keep the essence intact and clean. You might not have the best of bathroom model ideas when you moved in but with time when you settle down you might come across ideas to renovate it. This gives you a wider chance to think deep and come up with the most luxurious idea. Bathroom is more than just showering and defecating. It should be seen as a place to relax where you can have a peace of mind away from all the troubles of life. You can have large airy showers along with soaking tubs which can replace your noisy Jacuzzis. The biggest renovation can come in the form of steam baths. While reconfiguring your bathroom you need to have a few of these:

  • A seat,
  • A sloping ceiling to drain out condensation
  • A door which is vapor-tight ensuring that the steam room is completely insulated and enclosed
  • Marble or tiles on all the bathroom surfaces
  • A floor drain.

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