Penthouse designs

July 25, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Home Decor, Home Design, Home Improvement

It helps if you have got penthouse over a high rise building. There, you will have envious overview of the entire city. You can ensure that you get that sight from a comfortable vantage point by getting you a fanciful penthouse.

Penthouse should, by tradition, be steeped in luxury. You may space it in the middle of your terrace garden expanse. Get yourself a meaningful living room coupled with minimal furniture. Have it open to a stylish pool to take a leisurely dip. You can also add an eating area for little refreshments.

Penthouses should be made with weather-resistant materials. You may place vinyl screens in place of walls. These are immune to air ands scratches. Keep them well-ventilated and not stuffy. Do not place useless attic storage in your pent house. Marble floors or walls add up to the effect. You can also use your meditation or shower purposes. Place a few plants inside too.

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