Removing Ceramic Wall Tiles without Damaging Drywall

May 04, 2015  //  Posted by: ctsischolar  //  Category: Flooring & Ceiling

removing ceramic wall tilesCeramic wall tiles offer you with a good advantage that it is easy to clean. Taking from kitchen backsplashes to the bathroom walls, it is very easy to clean. Ceramic walls are very adjustable in any décor as they showcase themselves in a varied range of colors, sizes and designs. Meanwhile after the passage of time the tiles may show signs of wear or it may crack. But it is possible to remove ceramic tiles on drywall. The only thing you need to have is patience. In certain cases, additional minor repairs are also need to be done on your drywall after the removal of tiles. Here are few steps to remove the ceramic wall tiles without damaging drywall.

Grout Removal Tools

The most time consuming thing to do in this project is removing the grout. But here is the solution to save up your time and energy. Special tools are available that enables your job to go in a speedy manner and also ensures that the drywall is not gouged underneath by you accidentally. Manual grout tools helps in resembling an ice pick and contains a sharp point which cuts into the old grout and helps to crumble it. The same task can also be performed by handheld rotary and oscillating tools which fill or grinds away the old grout. In order to easily pick out the tile with manual grout removal tool, a heat gun should be held near with hardened caulk.

Tile removal

The way of the tiles coming off is affected by the method used to attach the tiles to the wall. More efforts are required to remove the tiles if tiles are installed with thinset or another tile adhesive method. In order to meddle the tiles loose, a wide-bladed sharp knife can be used. As soon as the tiles are loosen, put them off with a knife. The one and only way for removing the tiles set in mortar is to break them and then scrape them off from the mortar bed.

Drywall Preparation

Some of the ceramic wall tiles get out of the drywall but leave behind them a little indication of them being there. Most certainly they leave some leftovers of the bonding agent behind. The two frequent wall tile bonding agents are thinset and mastic. Here thinset is a cement-based product whereas mastic works as resemble of thick glue. An oscillating tool is use to grind off thinset which is equipped with a carbide rasp. Scrap off mastic with the help of a sharp knife. While going through the tile removing process, if the drywall is damaged then a skimcoat of drywall joint compound should be used to repair it and then only paint or wallpaper should be applied to it.

Safety Measures

While removing ceramic tiles on drywalls, windows should be kept open for generation of adequate ventilation. While undergoing grout removal process, the small bits of grout becomes airborne. An important safety measure is to wear a face mask which restricts breathing the dust from the air. Ceramic tiles are sharp edged so wear a protective hand gloves to protect your hand. There is a chance that the tiles may break into small shards so also wear goggle or other protective eyewear.



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