What Are The Biggest Landscaping Mistakes?

July 07, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Garden & Landscape, Home Care, Home Improvement

Landscaping is one of the most tasking projects that need to have proper planning and time. There are some biggest landscaping mistakes that designers make while carrying out their projects. Some of them include

Not having a plan means that the budget will not be accounted for and the design will not cater for the shape and style of the house.
Mismatching styles is another mistake that will cost the overall appearance of the whole yard.
Underestimating the cost will mean that more time and expenses will be used to carry out the landscaping project.
Overlooking Maintenance will leave the landscape looking overgrown and unkempt thus reducing the effect of the aspired results.
Using wrong tools is also another mistake made while landscaping. Having the right tool minimizes time used as well as the chances of hurting yourself.
Cutting grass to short will leave bald patches in the lawn making it unattractive.
Placing excessive decorations will distract people from seeing the beauty of the natural landscape.

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